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Basics for Beginners

About the instructor


Joey Erasmus

Hey Everyone,I’ve known Joey for about 12 years.  She approached me in 2006 when she was compiling and testing her intended new Course Curriculum. Yes, I was a Guinea Pig and very happy to be one!I am convinced that the attention to detail and thoroughness will translate into  The Sew Fabulous Anytime Classroom and Shop.Jo started her interest in sewing at her granny’s knee at a very young age.She attended Bekker Agricultural High School in Magaliesburg, South Africa, where sewing was an in-depth and rather scientific subject.After school Jo started as an apprentice technical mechanical drafter at Iscor in 1982.  Ten happy years followed in various drawing offices across the country and in many different disciplines. Throughout the years Joey has been sewing and gaining in skills and insights.  When she worked at Sportron International as a Wellness Consultant, she gained confidence in public speaking and teaching.Later, while running her own successful picture framing company over a period of 10 years, she attended an evening of plays presented at her son’s high school. Noticing that the young ladies took up their hems by way of staples, the idea for a new business took shape…I have attended 3 sewing courses at Sew Fabulous starting with the Absolute Basics and progressing to Pattern Making.This woman exudes an addictive enthusiasm for transferring her knowledge and love for needlework to others.I wish Jo well with the modern direction the school is taking.  This will afford many more, far and wide, the opportunity to take the fabulous journey I started all those years ago.  Good Luck!Jane Clarke (student 2006 - 2016 …  and friend… it happens!)

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